Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A ruff list of you must go's


As an art student with plans of attending Culinary school in PA this July, I recently have been getting emails and phone calls numerous times a week pertaining to the same question. Where should I eat in the City?
Either it's the line, "Hayyyyy My parents are in town and they will be paying so wheres the expensive stuff?" -Or- "I'm going with friends and ones super picky so whats a good recommendation?"
So heres my collection along with other highly trusted experts of Resturants in and around Manhattan and Brooklyn. And coming soon: I have carefully guarded my mecca of dumps dives and mecca's (all of the above) of all four years living in NY. They will be scanned images of my precious menu book which too will be traveling with me to Philly. 

Please enjoy and feel free to drool. I suggest everyone google these and look up images.

110 East 7th 
Amazing quick pork sandwich to snag for lunch. 

Marlow and Sons
81 Broadway Williamsburg Brooklyn 
They have a wonderful little shop along side with great history too.

Buttermilk Channel
524 Court St Brooklyn 
They have a seperate Vegitarian Menu. (I guess I'm okay with that. Ha!)

Keens Steakhouse 
72W 36st corner of 6th
212 947 3636
Old time steakhouse.

355W 14th Street (9th Ave)
212 691 0555

Mia Dona
206 E 58th Street
212 750 8170
Sometimes good Pre-Fixe Uptown Italian

Comfort Diner
214 E. 45th Street
Just an old fashioned Diner style. Bring the Sunday paper and sit down for coffee and cake. Or rice pudding if your like me.

The John Dory
85th 10th Ave (Between 15th and 16th) This location is prime right across from Chelsea Market AND Del Posto one of the many Mario Batali creations.
Reservation 2 Weeks in advance only but do try April's Spotted Pig first and formost for her sweetbreads. The best things in the world to hit the fryer. The hostess will take your cell phone number if you like and call you when your table is ready. Handy!

Del Posto
85th Tenth AVe 
212 497 8090
Obviously Italian but expect the bill to go to your rents.

Momofuku Sssamba and Milk Bar
207 End AVe (13st and 2nd Ave)
These guys do NOT take reservations and with all the publicity I suggest you expect at least a 2 hour wait. Suggestions Crack Pie and the Captian Crunch Cereal Ice Cream.

54 East 1st (btw 1 and 2nd ave)
A wonderful woman chef and expect a line for Brunch and a long wait very worth it! 
Keep in mind it's a small and cozy place as well, perhaps a mother daughter lunch or bring a date that doesn't make good conversation?

Essex Market
The man, the legend. Kenny Shopsin finally has a permit location in Essex Market which is now open on weekends. Take a stroll around for free chocolate samples and really reasonably priced fruits and veggies. 
I suggest you get your face in Kenny's 500 plus odd choices for breakfast lunch or dinner. You better know what you want to order before you sit down people. No joke.

La Lunchonette
130 10ave, Corner of 18th
(212 675 0342)
A very charming Chelsea bistro. Perfect mamosa's for the afternoon

287 3rd Ave
212 889-3361
Fish and chips are to die for as well as their burger. 

Peter Luger's Steak House
185 Broadway Brooklyn, NY
718 387-0500
Traditional Steak not very far at all away from Manhattan.
Take Mom and Dad so they can pick up the bill.

The Little Owl
90 Bedford St, Corner of Grove
Adorible atmosphere. Brunch with the girlfriends. 

Co. Pizza
230 9th Ave
212 243 1105
Thank Martha Stewart for making this one famous. He is the owner of Sulivan Street Bakery so you know the pizza dough is goooooooood.

Artichoke Pizza
328 E 14th STreet Between 1st and 2nd Ave
212 228 2004
I hate to share this jem with you BUT I can make an exception. Trust me it is worth the line and the 4 dollars in your pocket. Traditional Artichoke or Margherita and grab a beer while you at it.

Locanda vini e olii
129 Gates Ave, Clinton HIll
(Recommendation for great Italian outside of Manhattan)

Angel's Share
8 Stuyvesant st, 2nd floor Corner of 3ave
A hidden sanctuary of drink, a first come first serve snacks and full bar.
Nice Green Bo Restaurant
66 Bayard Street
212 625 2359
Really great cheap chinease! And if your in the area get free samples of ice cream right acorss the street. The Green Tea is yum. 
The Original chinatown ice cream factory
212 608 4170

38 E 8th Street
212 529 2363
Reasonalbe Prix-fixe lunch specials.

Chez Le chef
127 Lexington Ave between 28th and 29th
212 685 1888
This little strange place is just worth walking into. Hopefully you will stumble apon the pastry chef Frederic with his wonderfully long  French mustache. 

11271 Third Ave 
212 472 0600
Breakfast served all day and lunch blue plate specials.
Uptown stop.

Amy's Bread
Hells Kitchen/Chelsea market/Village locations

63 Bedford Street
212 929 3499
Small plates and space, share with friends.

Minetta Tavern Restaurant
113 MacDougal St.
212 475 3850
To die for Black Label Burgers drizzled with butter on top of smothered carmelized onions. Come on!

Good Stuff Diner
109 W 14th Street 6ave
212 929 2555
Open 24 Hours

Monkey Town
58 N 3rd Street 
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
They combine food and entertainment. Worth a trip with good people for either a doctumentary film, psychedelic tunes and wild combinations of munchies.

Hill Country
30 West 26th Street
212 255-4544
I love any BBQ that serves drinks out of old time milk glasses.

Sammy's Romanian Steakhouse
157 Chrystie Street 
212 673 0330
My friend said it was the best birthday he has ever had and that goes for not picking up the tab.

Cafe Habana
17 Prince St. Elizabeth Street
212 625 2002
Open 7days a week!
They have a To-go. Expect a line if you want to sit down but the grilled corn is scrumptious with Mexican cheeses.

Do check out the locations of the dessert truck because they are always on the move.
They bake them fresh and are a very cheap sweet tooth treat!


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