Friday, May 29, 2009

Lately, I feel like everyone is talking FOOD. It's almost like the pink elephant in the room that is such a universally respected subject that literally anyone after the conversation become old friends. This now trusting friendship usually happens instantaneously after someone shares what they loved as a kid or explain the details to last nights brown bagged leftovers. Face it, when someone is the only one eating in the room and they russell the bag or container which then releases a unavoidable smell you can't but help steal peaks at what exactly it is that they have. Please admit that everyone has done this not just me? I  do try and follow the sneaky eyes checking out whats good eatin'. I suggest you all take part and watch this show next time at the lunch break room. It has always been one of my simple pleasures in life.

Here are some FOOD related updates that I've stumbled upon.

1. The L Magazine this May is "THE SUMMER FOOD ISSUE"

2. Please check out this trailer because it looks fantastic. "FOOD INC." June 12th

 "Pressure Cooker" It's an independent documentary but try and get to see it. 
Looks hilarious and the setting is in Philly!

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  1. You need to add an RSS feed on here so I can follow you! This is wonderful, Rebecca!