Friday, August 28, 2009

In case you didn't hear, see or read about in the media I am the manager under the Cupcake Lady from Buttercream. Kate, my boss is an ex-lawyer with a passion for sweets and thankfully we are like two-peas in a pod. This is my job, driving around the streets of Philadelphia selling cupcakes to happy tummies. And yes, Im fresh into Culinary School with an already up and coming business. Right place at the right time, eh?
I have to thank someone of these photos off flicker from our first EVER launch day. Also here are a ton of links to check out.

If you can pick up the Citypaper my photo cred is in it as well as a story about the Truck. Next step "Best of Philly 2009 for mobile business" sticker.
Thats all I dream about.

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