Saturday, January 23, 2010

The lovely Parc Bistro is where I've been 40+ hours a week on the line. VERY exciting and VERY swanky!
A typical desert; chocolate mouse with lavender honey whipped cream cannel and below a tomato pie.
Mouth watering bread that I manage to snag before the night is over and who knew that Philadelphia has a celeb gossip website! Had no idea.

Paul Rudd & Owen Wilson were at Parc eating dinner of course. (Not at all like you can tell it's really them)

"Oh, Stephen. If we had a nickel for every tipster that told us you were out scouting locations - East Passyunk! The Piazza! The Italian Market! New York! - we could quit this writing racket and go eat Jujubes by a pool somewhere warm where no one has ever heard of you. You know we love you - or at least love wondering what you'll do next - but lately, you've exhausted us with this ping-ponging of concepts and expansions and openings. And now comes word from Phoodie of a potential bier garten concept for Fishtown. -Grub Street Philadelphia

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