Monday, July 5, 2010

A Calimocho aka 'Jesus Juice'

A 50/50 mixture of red wine and Coca-Cola — eww, I know. The drink was supposedly created, or at least named at a festival in Algorta, Spain, in 1972, when some young entrepreneurs discovered that the wine they had planned to sell tasted not just bad but toxic, and added Coca-Cola-and ice to mask the flavor, creating a hit.

I’m reminded of John Steinbeck’s description of drinking a martini, “The first taste bit like a vampire bat, made its little anesthesia, and after that the drink mellowed and toward the bottom turned downright good.” That’s about right: vampire bat to downright good.

The Calimocho appeals to “people who drink vodka or something like gin and tonics.” HAY THATS ME!
In other words, not wine drinkers, for whom adulterating wine with Coca-Cola. Calimocho wine should be “strong and dry,” or simply just harsh and cheap.

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