Wednesday, July 28, 2010

EDISON — The Tastee Sub Shop on Plainfield Avenue that has been serving sub sandwiches since 1963, is preparing for a most important customer yet, President Barack Obama is coming for lunch.

Preparations for a presidential visit were made Monday, according to customers who visited the sub shop, with representatives from the U.S. Secret Service and Verizon establishing a communications' port.

Employees at the sub shop here and at a Tastee Sub Shop in Franklin Park referred questions to the public affairs office at the White House. The White House announced last week that Obama would visit the "Edison area'' Wednesday to discuss economic issues. The sub shop is located near the intersection of Plainfeld Avenue and Route 27, typically one of the busiest intersections in the township. (Thats an understatement)

In a 2008 interview with The Home News Tribune, co-owner David Thornton, said, "We have customers who come from all over. We meet a lot of people from Rutgers, and they go off and move away and spread the word. The Rutgers students are our apostles,'' he said. Another reason for the shop's success is the long line of customers waiting at the door. "We feel that is our best form of advertising,'' Thornton said in the interview.

A regular customer (My Uncles high school buddy who eats lunch here everyday-not exagerrating) said he was told Monday that on Wednesday the sub shop, which typically is open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. will be closed to the public until 3 p.m.

Expect chaos. And someone tell him to order me a #13 with extra mayo.
President Obama to meet with business owners at Tastee Sub Shop in Edison on Wednesday

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  1. What the heck is a submarine sandwich? Never heard of it