Thursday, July 15, 2010

Get ready France!
12:37 PM
Teddy: by the way babe do you speak french at all?

because i met your dream man the other day

short, shaggy and round round round

with a drunken breath and a foul mouth

interesting boyfriend potential!

12:38 PM
Me: I love all those adjectives and verbs you just stated.

12:39 PM
And no my french is atroscious

only food terms

12:42 PM
Teddy: perfect

we will be quite a pair!

12:45 PM
we went to the beach today and ate at the most amazing restaurant.

i fell in love with the mussels and the waiter and the waiter's muscles

i can't wait to do this all with you

12:46 PM
Teddy: love you beaucoup

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