Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Every August, Parisians heed the call of la plague, leaving their city to the tourists and tumbleweeds. That's where I come in.

| Paris vs. New York vs. Philly Eating |

Now I luckily got my hands on the novel, “Hungry for Paris” prior to boarding that eight hour flight with hopes and dreams of falling madly in love with a cheese maker at the market. Didn't meet that cheese maker but I can tell you first hand the philosophy of a Parisian diet. Think half if not less the size of your refrigerator filled to the brim with jams, jelly's, fresh vegetables, sunflower butter, wine and beer. Your table is home for a fresh baguette which apparently never gets stale even sitting out overnight uncovered awaiting for your breakfast. Lunch is very nonchalant, perhaps a simple salad with walnut oil and a hunk of cheese to nibble on. There is NO snacking. I repeat there is NO snacking. You siesta instead.

Oh and keep in mind these meals take hours because you have all the time in the world. Heck! Your in Paris! What a funny concept for Americans to digest, especially when you cant take your espresso in a to-go cup and head out the door. Phewwww!

All of the Momofukus, and everything and anything David Chang can only be American. Bagels, Burgers and Barbecue. Good luck finding yourself that tasty bagel in Paris or a pretzel for that matter. We did try, my friend Teddy and I, that we did. I love you but you already knew that.

Parisian supermarkets didn't cut it with me BUT the yogurt section in the dairy department. Hello! Activia fans eat your heart out!

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