Monday, August 16, 2010

Looks like Ill be picking up the September issue of Vogue.

What has David Chang not yet done besides a his cultish slew of restaurants, TV appearances, awards, magazine nods? Oh yea Vogue!

Bourdain in his own words on Chang-
“Love the guy, hate the guy, overhyped or not, the simple fact is that David Chang is the most important chef in America today. He knows very well that hes walking a high wire in front of the whole world of food wonks and that many of them, maybe even most of them, would be only too happy to see him fall face first into a shit pile. It is a characteristic of a certain breed of foodie elitists that they secrectly want the place they most love to fail. Killing what one loves is a primal instinct and hes only twenty three years old which makes it that much sweeter.“

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