Friday, September 17, 2010

Au Pied de Cochon in Glossy Film
Onion Gratin. Why not?

Au Pied de Cochon, simply put 'Pig's Trotter" is a your fantasy Parisian Restaurant. The doors first opened in 1946 right after the Second World War by a butcher who specialized in Pork meat at Les Halles (the only seriously famous outdoor meat and fish market in Paris and even in Europe). In order to feed his staff after their grueling shift, Mr. Blanc decided to open a restaurant strictly to provide a reasonable meal for everyone and once those doors opened they remained, twenty four hours to be exact.

One of the goals of the owner was to attract any social classes into the restaurant, meaning don't be alarmed to have a table of aristocrats coming for lunch after church while sitting next to a table of butchers wearing dirty clothes finishing their late breakfast. This didn't happen to my dear friend Teddy and I but we did manage to make friends and join the staff in the back of the house. Just think a kitchen with an elevator pulley shaft and spiral staircase. I wish I was lying.
My job here is done, shes a fan.

"Forget the utensils, use your fingers."
The waiter also saw me stealing the menu and gladly handed me a clean one to take home.
They also took pictures of themselves.
Rose Water Sorbet

Au Pied de Cuchon
6 rue Coquilliere
Paris 75001

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