Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh no she didn't!
The graciously smart Chef Gabrielle Hamilton from Prune and one of my icon's, has her very first book under her belt. Hamilton previously wrote articles for the New Yorker but now the book appropriately titled, "Blood, Bones, and Butter" will be a very special memoir causing a lot of attention already.

Anthony Bourdain, plugs the book hard, saying, "I am choked with envy." Bourdain's not the only one who likes it, Mario Batali is quoted as well, saying "I will read this book to my children and then burn all the books I have written for pretending to be anything even close to this. After that I will apply for the dishwasher job at Prune to learn from my new queen." High praise indeed. Late March it should be in stores folks. Seems like the perfect birthday gift to me!

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