Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 Greenwich Ave., nr. Sixth Ave

Among the Margherita's and the marinara's at Olio Pizza, there’s something special and it's called the Mezzaluna. If a pizza and a calazone had an affair child it would be the Mezzaluna. Take one tastey pizza section, top it with smoked mozzarella and cherry tomatoes and then puffy calzone edge stuffed with ricotta and sweet soppressata. Got it?

Olio’s master pizzaiolo Giulio Adriani, who claims to have invented the thing on a whim one night at his Roman flagship in 1997 but it so happens that New York already had its own homegrown Mezzaluna. A couple of years ago, Joe Mancino, owner of Peppino’s claimed that “a guy came in and he didn’t know what he wanted, a pizza or a calzone. So I said, ‘Let me try something.’ ” He named the result- Pizza I Dunno, and sells about 100 a week!

For Cookie Chris, my Pizza Afcionado. Love you.

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