Monday, October 4, 2010

Say hello to my little friend, THE CHURCHILL

Theres one name that you need to know before you eat a burger. Pat La Frieda. I did a write up a while back about this family and their glorious meat along with a video for being crowned New York's most paid meat purveyor for some serious noteworthy burger spots. Just imagine a La Frieda burger in Philly. This is happening!

Jonathan Adams, Pub & Kitchen's owner shares that he has been negotiating and tasting with La Frieda and belives that he’s landed his own custom ground beef blend for Pub & Kitchen.

8 ounces of special blend dry-aged beef, glazed with bone marrow butter, topped with fried onions and served on a Metropolitan brioche. The catch is that it's replacing the Windsor burger, which has been around in the two years since Pub and Kitchen, opened. The price: $18. Adams is offering a second burger, also a La Frieda blend for $11. This blend has brisket, short rib and chuck.

Cancel all your plans because Thursday, October 7 kicks off the new menu. As Adams says, “The Windsor dies on Thursday.” Adios Windsor.

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