Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's a boy!

Tria’s “spunky little cousin,” Biba is a new little wine bar the size of a hallway with just thirty two seats, communal-style. It is now open as of last Friday with twenty six wines by the glass all under $10! Check out the teeny menu- spunk included.

The Left Bank, 3131 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19104.
One block west of World Cafe Live in University City.


CLEAN Proof that goats are good for something
BÛCHERON (Selles-et-Marne, France · Goat-P) 5½
CYPRESS GROVE TRUFFLE TREMOR (Humboldt County, CA · Goat-P) 8½

LUSCIOUS The idle rich are soft
DÉLICE DE BOURGOGNE (Burgundy, France · Cow-P) 7½
LA TUR (Piedmont, Italy · Goat, Sheep & Cow-P) 8½

STINKY Going strong
L’AMI DU CHAMBERTIN (Gevrey-Chambertin · Cow-P) 7½
ARDRAHAN (County Cork, Ireland · Cow-P) 6½

APPROACHABLE Most popular cheese in its class
PYRENEES BRÉBIS (Aquitaine, France · Sheep-R) 6½
CHERRY GROVE TOMA (Lawrenceville, NJ · Cow-R) 6

STOIC It’s hard set, yet willing to go to pieces
TÊTE DE MOINE (Bern, Switzerland · Cow-R) 7½
MONTGOMERY’S CHEDDAR (Somerset, England · Cow-R) 8

RACY Moldy and that’s a good thing
COLSTON-BASSETT STILTON (Nottinghamshire, England · Cow-P) 6½
VALDÉON (Castilla-Léon, Spain · Cow & Goat-R) 6½

Chilled Asparagus with Pecorino Pepato, Hazelnuts and Lemon Oil 4½
Prosciutto San Daniele with Spiced Medjool Dates 7½
Mixed Olives marinated in Garlic, Lemon & Thyme 4
Piquillo Peppers stuffed with Basque Tuna and Chickpeas 5½
Warm Tuscan White Bean and Chive Spread 4
Roasted Beets with Feta and Honey Almonds 4
Cured Spanish Pork Tenderloin with Pickled Golden Raisins 5½
Rosemary Roasted Marcona Almonds 3
Truffled Egg with Potato, Wild Mushrooms, Spinach and Fontina 6
Beef Carpaccio with Pecorino Tartufello 7½

Apple Tree Chèvre with Beet Mostarda 4
Birchrun Blue with Lancaster Spiced Pear Butter 4½
Délice de Bourgogne with Allagash Cherries 5
Truffled Wild Mushroom Pâté 4

Bonito Tuna with Spinach, Chickpeas, Fennel, Roasted Pepper & Citrus-Feta Vinaigrette 10½
Mixed Greens with Black Mission Figs, Hazelnuts, Birchrun Blue and Balsamic 8½
Fresh Claudio Mozzarella, Eggplant Caponata and Basil Pesto Panino 9
Smoked Chicken Panino with Caciocavallo, Roasted Pepper and Balsamic Onion 9½
Biba Meat Plate 11½

Éclat Chocolates with Candied Orange 4½
Espresso 2 Cappuccino 3 Latte 3½ Americano 2½
Passionberry Iced Tea 2½ San Pellegrino 5

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