Sunday, November 14, 2010

I remember mentioning that in September my Mother traveled to a random farm in the Lancaster Pennsylvania Valley in search of two turkey's for our Thanksgiving table. I must have also mentioned she's crazy. Well, she found then all right and ordered both of them to weigh at least 13 pounds before they go for a tan in our oven. Keep in mind a Cascella/Raisley Thanksgiving is like no other. You must come hungry and be hungry for several hours- even after the ravioli, meatballs, sausage, anti-past, braciole, ham, pork loin, and intermission. After intermission (a brief walk around the block to stretch our stomachs to further capacity) is when the real left-over's begin, THE ACTUAL TURKEY with all it's fixings. No joke I wear special pants for this occasion.

My point is that this text message says it all. Mom: "This is our Turkey's last weekend alive, at least it's a nice day out because that Tom's insides better be juicy!"

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  1. i want to come to thanksgiving at your house! unfortunately, it is my mom's favorite holiday. she would be devastated.