Sunday, February 13, 2011

Long time no talk, huh?

So, even thought it's only been week 2 on the line at Prune I can't exasperate enough how exciting it is to show up to work each afternoon. 12 hour days -6 days in a row seem to wiz by! Besides moving, adjusting, and finding new burns on my arms from the grill station I have so lovingly got to peek at the Valenetine's Day menu and watch Gabrielle Hamiliton prep out some things yesterday. Thought you all would like to read it as well. Keep in mind these are real IKEA meatballs and a quote from her directly- "Yea, def don't know how to tell the NY Times guy that I'm buying 3 dollar bags of IKEA Meatballs when we're really charging $18. Ha!" So I say for those working Monday, I wish you only the best and hope you have a hard drink waiting for you.
Have a Happy Valentine's Day! And don't worry about this single gal because I've got a cat named Vincenzo to love. He's the only man I need.

Prune Valentine’s Day 2010

Ferry Boat, Bosphorous, Istanbul 1985
* Toasted manti, garlic yogurt, Urfa pepper butter
* Fried whitebait, fried egg, sasuka
* Green peppers in olive oil

West Yarmouth Mini-Golf Arcade, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 1988
* Cold mussels, bread and butter
* Grilled hard-shell lobster, anchovy butter
* Sweet onion gratin with pleasant ridge reserve

Apt. 3B, Upper East Side, Sunday Night, 2000
* Speck sandwich with arugula
* Braised rabbit legs with vinegar sauce
* Escarole with lamb sausage

Andrew’s New Kitchen, Pineville, Pennsylvania, 1991
* Raviolo with egg, spinach, ricotta and brown butter
* Maiale col latte
* Cold fennel victor

City Hall, NYC, December 2002
* Burratta
* Quail with bread sauce “peara”
* Bitter greens salad

IKEA, Red Hook, Brooklyn c.2012?
* Open-faced cold shrimp salad sandwich
* Swedish meatballs, dilled new potatoes, lingonberry sauce
* Beets with caraway seeds

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