Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's not everyday you get an email like this one....

hi people;
i've decided to close for lunch on wednesday for a kitchen mental health day and group visit, which i never have the opportunity for any more. so i've arranged a really cool meal for us at EATALY starting at 11am. it's important for me that you are all there--and on time--and if this was a scheduled day off for you will you let me know? i'm not enough in the loop of prep to know, so if you foresee problems with none of us being at the restaurant at 11am on wednesday would you let me know right away? i'm trying to figure out how to clean and prep and receive deliveries but still be at lunch, drinking wine as a group, by 11am. how deeply will i be weeding the dinner crew if there is no am prep happening on wednesday? can you do enough prep on tuesday to make wednesday fluid? and more importantly, how much wine can you drink at lunch and still function for dinner service? just kidding!
please rsvp to me so i can try to figure out the glitches. to further complicate, i am out of town at charity event monday evening and all of tuesday.
(ps. the dishers/porters are included, but i invited them in person because i don't have their emails.)


Gabrielle Hamilton
54 East 1st Street
New York, NY

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