Tuesday, December 7, 2010

After the Four Loko buzzkill Adsum’s Matt Levin joked that he was going to create a multi-course dinner with the overly caffeinated malt liquor beverage. “Adsum is basically like a place for food debauchery to begin with,” Levin told Grub Street. “I figured we could have some fun with it.” So that's why Ramsey and Mark work here huh? Explains alot!

Monday’s tasting dinner, which costs $35 per person, the Loko’s been relegated to things like pearls that garnish his BBQ picnic dish, a gelee, slushy and a brine for pickling watermelon rind. Whether or not Four Loko has been incorporated into the dinner’s four courses, each dish will be paired with it, except the Moroccan lamb sausage and peppers, which will be served with Adsum’s Loko Yoko cocktail.

Check out the menu....BOGUS!

Moroccan Lamb ‘Sausage and Peppers’ paired with the restaurant’s own Loko Yoko cocktail
BBQ Picnic featuring Loko pearls and pickled watermelon rind, paired with Lemonade Loko

Vanilla Pain Perdu with Loko slushy and gelee, paired with Watermelon Loko

Loko Pate de Fruit, paired with Fruit Punch Loko

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