Sunday, December 12, 2010

The perfect Holiday gift is???
Think: sitting at the breakfast table with a pipping hot cup of Joe and this guy. The Babka from Dean & Deluca.
Many fine stores in New York carry several variations of Babka, but Chocolate is the bigger seller, no contest. Although, their cinnamon is even better than the best cinnamon roll. It's everything you'd want babka to be: moist, yeasty, swirly goodness. The Polish and Belarusian noun babka, Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian baba mean "grandmother," and as applied to the pastry probably refer to its shape, a tall cylinder, sometimes with corrugations resembling a skirt’s pleats. The name of the pastry entered the English language from Polish, via French, although "babka" is also sometimes used in its original sense.

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  1. Best eating on Christmas at Babayaga's chicken-footed house.